About Me

Max Schmeling

Full-stack Developer

I'm a software developer based in Lenexa, Kansas. I've been building software professionally for about 17 years. I have worked with everything from native video rendering to the latest web frameworks. I'm passionate about building useful things with software.

Kansas CityHome

I live in a suburb of Kansas City. I moved here in 2012 with my wife and our first kid. We now have three kids and Kansas City is definitely our home.

I'm a big Royals and Chiefs fan. It's been a blast living in this city in an era with so much success by the local sports teams. I don't watch soccer much, but even SportingKC has won a championsip since we've been here.

I'm not available for hire, but you're welcome to reach out to me about anything on this site or just anything in general. No promises that I get back to you, but I'll try!

The best place to reach me is probably on Twitter at @maxschmeling. If you don't want to reach out on Twitter, you can try email at max@maxschmeling.com. All I can say about email though is "best of luck to you".